Synchronizer b0.08

Imagen Synchronizer b0.08
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    Windows NT/2000/ME/98 SE/98/95

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    June 22, 2019

  • "Synchronize the audio of the videos to correct their offset"

Synchronizer compensates the offset of the audio track with its corresponding AVI video by synchronizing both elements so that they play properly without any delay. The synchronization it carries out is excellent thanks to the automation of the analyses with which it detects the existing problem in the multimedia set in question.

To appreciate that the sound of a video is heard out of phase, just load it in the Synchronizer interface for the program to synchronize the audio correcting its offset. In case that the delay comes given in a specific instant of the video is able to divide and to group the files again repairing this way the desincronizaciĆ³n.

Synchronizer is able to correct any offset for many seconds separating the sound from the video in AVI format.